Catalogo General Menage Confort 2021

We launch a new general catalogue with all our accessories for furniture equipment

7 abril, 2021

In these difficult times and after plenty of work we managed to launch a new general catalogue. This catalogue is special, because it is born in the middle of the pandemia and everybody in Menage Confort had to put an extra effort into it.

Through its pages you will find all our accessories collection and you will get to see some pictures of us at work. We hope you find it useful because we intended to reflects our efforts and compromise in it.


How is this general catalogue?

As in in the previous ones the three families are present: Kitchen, Wardrobe and Structura.

The Kitchen family is composed of 3 lines:  Classic, Compact and Flat with many different options each; and in the Wardrobe family we introduce a new finish: anthracite.


Menage Confort novelties

This catalogue is based on the latest trends in the kitchen and wardrobe sector.

Anthracite finish is is becoming popular. More and more customers are looking now for a contrast in their kitchens and dressing rooms. Menage Confort offers that finish not only in the Flat line for kitchens but also in the Wardrobe family.

In this catalogue we show you different of solutions in anthracite so that you can offer the latest trends to your customers.