We are a family from Zaragoza with an entrepreneurial spirit

Our journey began more than 70 years ago. Since its very beginning, our goal has been to create solutions aimed at making people’s lives easier, saving them time in their daily tasks, so that they would enjoy what is truly important.

Over time, our brand grew, but our mission didn´t change. We have never stopped working to improve things.

Driven by our purpose of innovation, in 1987, we founded a new production center to design, develop and manufacture our own systems for home furnishing. Along with it, we also set up a logistics center, whose aim was to make an important stride towards the improvement of our service.

Since then, each decision we have made has brought us closer to that important mission that defines us.

Today, we are in a process of continuous improvement, which shows how far we are willing to go in the name of fulfilling our pledge.


Our history, full of innovation and progress, would not be the same without values and purposes, which help us visualize the path we must follow to achieve our end goal


We seek the highest quality standards so that our products are reliable, resistant and durable.

Following this pursuit, we have put in place a number of different control systems aimed at guaranteeing the quality of all our processes, as well as ensuring that all our products comply with UNE regulations.


<Quality Certificate ISO 9001-2015>


We want to surprise you, get to know you, be up to date with what you and your clients need.

For this reason, we have an R&D department in which all solutions are developed by means of the latest technological advances, as well as highly qualified staff.


We believe that time is the most valuable thing a man can spend, which is why we want to make sure that you spend it on the things that matter. For this reason, we focus on capturing your needs to come up with solutions suited to your expectations.

We anticipate your demands and use new technologies to facilitate two-way communication, thereby making the process of personalization much more efficient.



The family that founded Menage Confort has grown thanks to its team, its collaborators, its suppliers and its customers. Victories and defeats are lived and shared among all of us.

This is the reason why we strive to work as a team and maintain constant communication with all the parts that make up our company.


We care about the future and, every day, we work to take care of it.

We have managed to reduce the volume of industrial water generated to a minimum, reusing it once it has been treated. In addition to this, all waste that could be polluting is stored and subsequently treated through authorized managers.

We guarantee our commitment to the preservation of the environment through exhaustive controls of our processes and the technological equipment utilized in them.

<Integrated Environmental Authorization, according to Law 16/2002, of July 1, on Prevention and Integrated Controls of Pollution>


Since 1987, we have been specialized in creating systems for home furnishing.By doing so, we have helped our customers with space and time management

Raw materials

The guarantee of the quality of a product begins with the raw material supplied by our suppliers, which must comply with the established quality requirements, in order to achieve the desired quality levels.


Transformation process

In this process, we transform the raw materials into the different components that will make up the final product.



Regardless of the materials we select for the coating of unfinished products (powder paint, high-gloss, chrome coating, etc.), our quality control system ensures this process leads to results which excel in the fields of aesthetics, impact resistance, anti-rust and adhesion capacity. Complying with high-quality standards enables our products to be characterized by long-lasting resistance, as well as optimal aesthetics.


Assembly and packaging

Once the product is finished, it goes to our assembly and packaging section. During this process, each piece is handled and inspected individually for assembly, storage and subsequent shipment.


We want your time to be spent on what really matters

Say no to waiting for an order, listening to music while you´re on hold on a call, or wasting time trying to come up with strategies to you sell our products.

We´ll take care of all of that by:


Using intelligent frequency terminals

Our warehouse is managed by intelligent radio frequency terminals, which increase productivity and eliminate errors.


Helping you sell

We provide you with all the necessary tools for the commercialization and promotion of our products.


Staying connected

We possess the necessary resources to respond immediately to any query you may have.


Sharing our knowledge

We put training courses on our products at your disposal, keep you up to date with the latest trends in the sector, and teach you the best tricks to sell online.


Following our desire for continuous improvement, in 2017, we started to incorporate the Lean Management philosophy into our organization

Lean manufacturing is a way of managing all the processes that are undertaken in an organization. Its objective is to minimize all those activities that do not add value. This approach ultimately leads to the procurance of a product and a UX that is top-notch for the client, as well as reduced delivery times.

One of the fundamental parts of Lean Management is teamwork. All points of view coming from any of our workers are welcome, as they allow us to boost improvements that would otherwise may not be brought forward.

Jornada Lean en la fábrica de Menage Confort